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Personal Loan for Low Income Earners for everyone in Changi, Singapore

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Life throws many challenges our way, and sometimes your current financial ability falls short of what is required to get you out of a particular fix, especially when you are a low income earner. This includes medical emergencies and education fees, to pending bills and travel expenses, and this is where we step in. We work with the best money lenders around Changi, Singapore offering personal loans just for those life challenges, with the right terms catered to your situation. We analyze every aspect of low income borrowing in Malaysia and Singapore, and we are professionals in helping you go about getting the loan in your terms, and also ensure your own financial well being during and after the repayment period.

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Changi is a planning area located in the East Region of Singapore. Sharing borders with Pasir Ris and Tampines to the west, Changi Bay to the southeast, the South China Sea to the east and the Serangoon Harbour to the north, Changi, excluding the two water catchments and islands of Singapore, is the largest planning area by land size. Today, Changi is an aviation hub. It is the current location of both the Changi Airport and Changi Air Base. Also located within Changi is Singapore’s largest prison, Changi Prison. It became infamous as a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp during the occupation of Singapore in World War II. Changi Prison continues to be Singapore’s oldest operating internment facility, in the form of the new Changi Prison Complex.

During the early surveys in the 1820s to 1830s of Singapore island, Changi was also named Franklin Point after Captain Franklin who was involved as one of the early surveyors of Singapore island. It would seem that the colonial authorities had decided to latch on their own place name to the existing Malay name for Changi.

Source: Wikipedia

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Are you in a fix right now? For low income earners, you need a personal loan that doesn’t look into your credit score, or even if it does, doesn’t use it to frustrate your borrowing ability. Low income earners often have bad credit scores, particularly due to the high cost of living. Did you had delayed payment on utility bills at some point of time, or perhaps a loan defaulted because you couldn’t make the installment? Such events would adversely affect your credit report for years, and you would probably be turned down if you applied for a loan from a bank or other mainstream financial institution. At this point, many people in desperate circumstances will turn to loan sharks, pledging some of their hard-earned assets for a very small amount of money attracting enormous interest rates on principal. We’re here to tell you that you have more options than you think, thanks to the thriving non-mainstream and flexible borrowing options which we offer.

Our specialty for low income loans

At this point, many people in desperate circumstances will turn to loan sharks, pledging some of their hard-earned assets for a very small amount of money attracting enormous interest rates on principal. We’re here to tell you that you have more options than you think, thanks to the thriving non-mainstream and flexible borrowing options which we offer:

Fast Loan Approval

The licensed money lenders only look at your repayment ability instead of looking into your credit score, a process that can take days. Therefore, they are able to provide fast approval on loans and you can take home your cash within 24 hours or even less!

Secure And Easy Application Process

Forget the pages of forms and other requirements you’re required to fulfill before accessing a bank loan. Using the options we present, you can easily apply for a loan from the comfort of your house or office and submit your document scans securely for approval.

Legal & Licensed Lenders Only

We are keen about maintaining our reputation. only works with licensed and legal moneylenders with vetted credentials from the institutions such as the Registrar of Moneylenders. What’s more, any lender that wants to join our partnership is subjected to rigorous background checks. Therefore, you can be sure of the legality of the loan solution we offer you. In addition, we take customer complaints very seriously, and are always working to ensure that concerns of illegal or punitive action by lenders is addressed and punished. We DO NOT associate with loan sharks.

No Red Tape

Personal and payday loans do not require any collateral, since they are unsecured loan facilities. Therefore, as long as you have regular income and can prove using your bank statement and letter of employment, you can get your low income loan (as long you are a Malaysian or Singaporean) from one of our lending partners.

Customer Satisfaction

All our efforts are geared towards ensuring an easy and smooth ride for you as our customer. We will help you find the best loans, best terms, and best lenders and address any issues that arise decisively. You can call as many times as you want and ask as many questions and they will be addressed fully and patiently. We invest a lot of resources in training our customer representatives so that they can help you.

No Credit Checks

Maybe you have a problem and haven’t bothered to look for a loan because you know you have a poor credit score that will limit you from borrowing. Well, try us before throwing in the towel. Many mainstream lenders target high income groups, living the vast majority of Malaysian and Singaporean citizens – the ones that actually need financial assistance – with nowhere to turn. But we came to change all that. We can find you a solution that won’t consider that prohibitive score.


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PersonalLoanLowIncome have extensive experience in the world of borrowing for people in need of legal loan for low income such as personal and payday loans for people that can’t access mainstream credit facilities. We have helped thousands to connect with the right lender and hence maximize utility by reducing cost of borrowing and providing flexible repayment options. Our job is to make it easier for you to make your ends meet within a hard living situation. You should be able to get financing without that one mistake from years ago marring your score and stopping you. We connect you with tailor-made solutions so that you’re able to fulfill your financial obligations without a hassle.


Some questions before submitting a loan application

Here are some tips to help you identify the best lenders in the market and also understand yourself better before clicking the apply button.

Do all your lending partners have licenses?

PersonalLoanLowIncome does not compromise about licensing for moneylenders that we work with. The lender to whom we connect you must have a current and valid license, therefore you can be sure they are bound by the code of conduct controlled by KPKT in Malaysia and the IPTO in Singapore.

So what do you do, exactly?

We work closely with licensed lenders to help borrowers find helpful personal loan low income packages when they have less-than-ideal borrowing circumstances, such as variable income, low income and poor credit scores.

How do I know they best lender for myself?

Choose a money lender that patiently and clearly explains the application, approval and repayment processes. Be careful about lenders that seem impatient or keep pushing you to sign without explaining ambiguous terms. You can start with their website. Are details about the loan and terms clearly stated? Are their customer service representatives polite, helpful and easily reachable? Do not sign any contracts with gaps, or terms that aren’t clear.

How should I interpret the contract?

Read every word in the contract before signing, and ensure that everything is clear the way you discussed it. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you want before signing. Look out for hidden charges, such as application fees and late interest payments. When you start repaying, the lender should send you a statement of accounts detailing your loan status. Confirm repayment dates so that you don’t attract late fees.

How much interest will I pay?

The exact amount of interest depends on the loan package, but the government has provided guidelines for lending interest caps for secured and unsecured loans. Using services like ours at Personal Loan Low Income will help you get the best rates and terms. Remember that if you have a higher debt burden, you may get higher interests.

What can I use the money for?

The advantage of unsecured personal legal loan for low income is that you can do anything you want with it; the lender doesn’t tell you how to spend it, and won’t follow up provided you make your repayments on time. You can use your money to settle outstanding bills, pay school fees and expenses, renovate your home or car or deal with medical emergencies among others. Foreigners and expatriates with money problems can also use these loan facilities to get fast cash when in a fix.

How can I improve my chances for approval?

Lenders are more likely to approve your application if you can show you’re trustworthy. This means that you shouldn’t give any false information on your application, especially physical address. Also, it helps to prepare all your documents in advance so that you can hand them in when asked. These include your latest payment slips, employment letter, tax returns and bank statement. Different lenders ask for different documents, but if you give all documents when asked, it will show you’re confident in yourself and they will be confident.

I am convinced and ready to obtain a loan now. What should I do?

Great to hear that. Please kindly fill up our loan application form here and within a few hours, our hand-picked licensed lender will contact you directly. Once your loan is approved, you will find the money waiting in your bank account.


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